About Us


H2O Junky is a family owned business that was created to reflect our love of the water.  For as long as we can remember, the water has called to us. It has assumed many forms over the years. Whether from our plastic kiddie pools, the clear waters of Lake Martin, the rushing waters of the Coosa River at Moccasin Gap, the softly falling occasional snow, or the waves that crash along the shores of the gulf coast; its message has never changed. "Enjoy yourself!" We've never failed to answer.


Our constant pursuit of the joys found on the water have been what some might call an addiction. Maybe. From splashing in a puddle, skipping rocks across the lake, skiing and knee-boarding in a gravel pit, casting towards that ripple on the other side of the pond, hurtling down a snow capped mountain, or running 90 miles out in search of that trophy fish; we've chased the pleasures offered by the water with reckless abandon. We know you have too!


H2O Junky was born out of our obsession with water, and the insatiable desire to be near, in, on, or under it.  Whether you get your fix from boating, fishing, swimming, paddling, diving, or simply floating in a pool, pond, lake, river, or ocean; our products are intended to celebrate  and enhance your enjoyment of the water. Embrace the H2O Junky in you! 

Feed Your Addiction!!